Living with Superpowers

Everyday Superheroes

This winter, our children at First Church Boston have been exploring the theme, “Every Day Super Heroes-Putting Our Values into Action!”  In our WOW Kids (World of Wonder) program children have been learning about their own powers to overcome obstacles, to stand up for good, and to make a difference in the world.

This is not just “kid’s stuff”! Superheroes have an enduring appeal in our culture. The entertainment industry has created a whole pantheon of characters that can swoop in to tackle problems that are too big for us to handle. It is satisfying to watch or read stories where the battle between good and evil is clear.

In a world that is morally complicated, how do we put our values into action? My liberal religious faith includes a belief in the power of the individual and communities to create positive change. Instead of waiting to be saved or rescued, it is essential that our religion inspire us to take action.

Listen to my talk,  Living with Super Powers (mp3).

A Prayer for the New Year

Dear 2014, thank you.
I am grateful for all that I experienced in the past year.
To be sure, not everything went as planned.
There were many times when I thought I knew
how my life was going to unfold only to be surprised by the unexpected.
This past year, I had to say goodbye to people
who I envisioned would be with me here in the New Year.
Whether they are separated from me now by distance or by death,
I pray for peace and healing.
This past year, I faced obstacles that I did not anticipate.
Whether I found resolution or remain in the midst of struggle,
I pray that I may have strength for the journey.
This past year, my heart was broken, yet again,
By the suffering and violence of our world.
2014, I am grateful that you are behind us.
Now, as I face a New Year, a fresh start,
I pray for the resolve to truly live my values,
To open my mind to different perspectives,
in order to create new partnerships.
Dear 2015, thank you,
For the gift of life,
For the opportunity to be of service,
And for the embrace of Love.

Don’t Forget the Sabbath Spice!

A sermon preached at First Church in Boston, December 7, 2014

I am grateful to Neil McGarry for bringing “A Christmas Carol” to life for us this morning. The dialogue between Ebeneezer Scrooge and his nephew Fred captures so much about this season and the struggle within our own hearts.

After all, as Scrooge says, what is Christmas but a time for finding yourself a year older and not a penny richer! When my young daughter asks me “Please, Mommy, don’t skip the commercials” for all kinds of sparkly flashy plastic over-priced toys, it takes incredible restraint for me NOT to say, “Bah! Humbug!”

Don’t tell her that, okay? You see we are trying to teach her critical thinking and moral values. I want her to understand how to be intentional and responsible with money. She is a child privileged enough to have all her basic needs met with additional resources for fun and giving. Continue reading

Advent Prayer


During this time,
We pause from our usual activities, our preoccupations, our busyness,
to reflect on the meaning of our lives.
We step back from our work, our chores, our distractions,
to rest for a moment, to be held in sacred space and time,
to open our minds and our hearts to deeper insights about life.
As alone and independent as we may sometimes feel,
We are part of an Interdependent Web of all Existence.
Our lives are sustained by many gifts beyond ourselves,
just as our lives touch others in ways both known and unknown to us.
We pray for Healing for our loved ones, strangers, and ourselves
that all may move toward greater Wholeness.
We pray for the Energy to do the hard things we know we are called to do.
We pray in this Advent season, to wait with an expectant heart
for more Light and Love to break through.
May we remember the true spirit of the season comes not
through sales or busyness
but through quiet moments when Mystery and Beauty enter our hearts.
May we invite a greater degree of Joy into our days
Not through over-eating or over-drinking or over-spending
But through Gatherings where we take time to truly share with one another.
And let us be Grateful, every moment of our lives,
For all the Blessings that sustain us,
and for the opportunity to be a Blessing to one another.

~Rev. Amy Freedman

“To Know and To Be Known” First Church Boston

Many Paths, One Love

The following is my sermon “To Know and to Be Known” delivered at First Church in Boston on September 15th, 2013. 

Listen to sermon on the First Church Boston website.

To Know and To Be Known

Rev. Amy Freedman
First Church in Boston
September 15, 2013

I am honored to stand before you today.  I am particularly grateful to Joyce and the Standing Committee for hiring me as your Consulting Minister.  For a long time, I’ve held the aspiration to be part of a ministry team.  So, I am delighted to be working with your talented Senior Minister, the Rev. Stephen Kendrick.  As you can imagine, although this is my first Sunday preaching here, this is not my first day on the job.  I have been attending some meetings.  It has been a pleasure getting to know your staff.  I am impressed by the skills of Catherine Bradfield and Zach Dunn as well as their team who I am still meeting. Plus, what a gift to get to know not one but two Ministerial Interns this year– Schuyler and David.  Together our ideas and energies are amplified—we are off to a good start.

Like the pilgrim in this morning’s story, my arrival here follows a long journey.  I carry with me the same longings for Peace, Love, and Joy.  Although unlike the pilgrim, my spirit is not weary.  Perhaps it is because I stopped at some of those storehouses along the way.

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New First Church Boston website!

First Church in Boston has a brand new website, just in time for Gathering Sunday.  What a great way to start off a new ministry and new church year!

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