“Amy Freedman is centered in heart and mind, and coordinates all aspects of her life from that center. Her sense of using both artful language, and intellectual honesty blended into a whole contributes to her worship style, her teaching gifts and her organizational skills. Her aliveness and presence embodies her message, and illumines her path.”

– Rev. Dr. Mark Belletini, Senior Minister, 1st UU Church of Columbus, OH

“Collaborating with Amy is always a joy. She engages people of all ages, finding ways to help them connect with their own creativity and spirit. Amy combines her natural talents with a profound wealth of experience in the arts and brings these tools and energy to her ministry. We are in a time of great change in religion. Teaching, worship, and community are moving toward a multigenerational focus in our congregations. Amy understands meaningful, spirit-filled, intelligent, multigenerational faith development. Amy possesses a rare quality: she helps us remember that our heart, minds, and bodies all belong at church!”

– Halcyon Westall,  Assistant Director for Transformative Religious Education
at Meadville Lombard Theological School’s Fahs Collaborative.
Former Director of Religious Edcuation,
Channing Memorial Church

“Amy’s strengths are considerable.  She is a strong speaker, an excellent listener, a warm, caring presence.  I have used some closing words she has written many times in worship—and these words have brought people to tears.  She has considerable skills across generational lines from infants and up, creatively well utilizes the arts in her ministry, and leads moving worship.”

– Rev. Keith Kron, Unitarian Universalist Association Director of Transitions 

“Upon Amy Freedman’s invigorating arrival at Channing Memorial Church, I had recently created a Caregiving Program in which Amy immediately saw great value to the well-being of the congregation.  The program had been very well received but Amy’s support, enthusiasm, and energy infused me and the congregation with a more deliberate and vibrant commitment. In the ten years we closely worked together as minister and lay leader, she offered a steady, guiding hand which augmented her own outstanding skills in pastoral care. Additionally, Amy’s vitality, maturity, and wisdom entrusted and empowered me with her unwavering dynamic compassion and confidence in my personal mission and growth.”

– Nickie Kates, MSW and Caregiving Coordinator, Channing Memorial Church

“The Reverend Amy Freedman was instrumental in establishing Small Group Ministry at Channing Memorial Church, Newport, RI. She skillfully led the congregation through the process of: evaluating the SGM concept as variously practiced in UU churches, developing how the program would practically work in our congregation through the establishment of exploratory SGM groups, and refining the details and logistics of the program to fit the specific needs of our members. Her loving and thoughtful insight into congregational dynamics, her positive, upbeat and often humorous encouragement, and her tireless dedication to making SGM a quality program inspired facilitators and participants to give the best of themselves to the program and to each other. Ten years later, Channing’s SGM program remains a vital, unparalleled program for the practice of congregational shared ministry, and a continuing legacy of the minister who took the time and care to do things right.”

 – Bill Peresta, Small Group Ministry Coordinator, Channing Memorial Church

“Amy and Peter held a wonderful balance of forethought and improvisation. Our time together was not so programmed that it lost its creativity, but also not so unstructured that it became chaotic. It was just right.”

Rev. Erik Resly, The Sanctuaries DC
HUUMS Retreat Evaluation

“Reverend Amy Freedman brings that wonderful balance of gentle, loving communication with organized and skillful consulting ministry to help congregations and their leaders grow and develop.  She is comfortable and skilled in designing services, workshops, and meeting facilitation that meet the specific and current needs of a congregation.  She takes the time to understand your strengths and needs and then works with leaders to design solutions that work for your congregation. She is capable, genuine, and delightful.”

Dorie Godfrey, President, UU Society of Martha’s Vineyard

“I have recruited and worked with quite a few consultants over the years.   I was impressed at the half day Listening workshop that Rev. Amy constructed and led for our congregation.  She balanced information, interaction of and with the participants, and feedback with the total group participating, extremely well.  She was well prepared and shared a number of books, of very current and well- respected authors on this topic, with us for anyone who wanted to learn more on their own.   For congregations who are seeking to build community, a workshop like this is a perfect fit. Rev. Amy is engaging, self-aware, interested in people, has an infectious smile and possesses a natural curiosity.  Additionally, she is very talented, energetic, and has a very nice sense of humor.”

Rita Brown, Trustee, UU Society of Martha’s Vineyard