Lifespan Religious Education

Teaching and developing enrichment programs is one of my gifts.   Before entering the ministry, I was a Preschool teacher and Children’s Theater Director.  I carry my love of learning and dramatic arts into my role as an educator in Unitarian Universalist congregations.  During seminary, I served as a Director of Religious Education at Starr King UU Congregation working closely with the Rev. Dr. Mark Belletini.  That two-year position was the perfect bridge between my experience as a teacher and my current vocation.  I am deeply committed to creating a learning community of all ages.  This includes the training and leadership development of church members.


Family Ministry and directing the Children’s Religious Education program is currently part of my ministry portfolio at First Church in Boston.  “World of Wonder” or “WOW Kids” is our Sunday morning class.  This year’s themes are “Celebrating Creativity”, “Meditation and Mindfulness”, “Everyday Superheroes- Putting Our Values Into Action!” and “Out of this World!  Our Amazing Planet Home.”

Adolescents value being a part of an affirming  and empowering community.  My work with teenagers has included designing Coming of Age programs, participating in Bridging Ceremonies, and supporting Youth Groups.

Dot Day


Church is a place where all ages can learn, worship, and support each other.  Over the years, I have designed many opportunities for families with children and church members without children to have fun, share, and build community.  Favorite programs include:

  • Fall Festival
  • Celebrating Dot Day
  • Family Breakfast
  • Creative Drama Workshop
  • Community Fair



I have offered a variety of courses over the years from small group discussions, evening courses, and weekend workshops.  I enjoy the process of sharing my knowledge, engaging people with meaningful topics, and nurturing spiritual growth.  Favorite classes include:

  • Evensong
  • Welcoming Congregation
  • Articulating Your UU Faith
  • Listening for a Change
  • Understanding World Religions
  • Spiritual Parenting


During my ministry at Channing Memorial Church, we designed and launched a successful small group ministry program.  By meeting together in groups of 6-10 people, church members deepened their relationships of ongoing care and support.  The program also gave newcomers an additional doorway into the congregation.  The bi-monthly sessions allowed participants to explore questions, share life experiences, and discuss meaningful topics.  By the end of each term, small groups took on a service project together which made a real difference in our church and local community.

  • Recruitment, training and ongoing coaching of group facilitators
  • Caregiving and pastoral care for participants
  • Curriculum Development

Sample Small Group Sessions

Alice the Chalice

Peter Bowden and I first  created Alice the Chalice in 2002 as clip art and a single activity page.  With one “recycle maze” activity page available we started getting Alice the Chalice fan mail and requests for more.  As we produce activity pages  for the program I am working with, we share them with Unitarian Universalists nationally.   So far families have written for permission to make Alice the Chalice baby quilts, felt boards for religious education classroom use and to hold Alice the Chalice kids birthday parties!  In addition to the material we produce, I curate the Alice the Chalice Facebook page with resources for UU kids, families, and religious educators.