Labor Day Invocation

We Can Do It!
Labor Day weekend is not an ordinary time
as we do not rush headlong into our usual labors.
The sacred is found not only in houses of worship, but in time set apart.
Let us turn our attention to what is sacred in our daily living.
For the rewards of work and all those ancestors
who boldly advocated for safety, fair wages, and better working conditions,
we lift our hearts in gratitude.
May this time of recreation energize us to bring forth
an even more just and sustainable world.

Finding Happiness

Scientists are revealing what mystics have known for centuries, there is a profound connection between the mind and the body. People who are happy have lower blood pressure, more energy, and tend to live longer.  Join me on Sunday, June 3, 10:30am for a joy-filled service with music, meditation, and simple practices that can increase your sense of well-being.  UU Congregational Society of Westborough, MA

Preaching this Sunday

While my colleague, the Rev. Dan King is taking a well-deserved mini-sabbatical I am pleased to be offering four Sunday services at First Parish in Kingston, MA. Worship is held at 10:30am. Childcare and Religious Education is available. Please join me or help spread the word.  A description of the service follows:

Sunday, October 16, 2011, 10:30 am
What Matters Most, Rev. Amy Freedman

The world’s religions and great moral teachers offer the same life lesson: kindness is what matters most. However, there are many times and places where this spiritual truth is missing. When were you touched by kindness? How can we open our hearts to a Kindness Revolution?