Prayer for Wholeness


O, Love,

We are in your presence

As close as our beating hearts and the cycle of breath that nourishes us.

May we feel held in this sacred space—

Letting go of the responsibilities that tug at us,

Laying down the worries that jangle our nerves.

For now—there is nothing to do or any more to achieve—

We pray for wholeness.

Let us take a moment to bring to mind any loved ones, neighbors, colleagues, or friends who are going through hard times.

We offer healing prayers to all who are in pain whether in body, mind or spirit.

May Love break through barriers of isolation and loneliness

That peace may be found.

Our prayers reach around the globe.

May this be a time of turning away from Business-As-Usual

to form new partnerships and create positive change.

In the week ahead,

May we find energy and vision for facing life’s challenges

And may our actions bring more love and understanding into our broken world.

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